Q1 | How do we choose a photographer?

You definitely have to love their style, first and foremost.  Your photographs are the visual memory of one of the most significant days of your life, so this will be one of the most important wedding planning decisions.  Once you have found a couple of photographers whose work you love, make sure you meet up with them for a coffee/chai and a chat.  This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for what they offer and how they work.  Do they location scout, how does the timeline work, what is their backup policies etc.  By the end of the meeting you will know if this is someone you trust to capture your wedding story and what their personality is like (you have to spend a lot of time with them on the day, so this is important).  Please don't make your choice based on pricing alone as this could leave you disappointed with the end result. Everyone has a budget, I can offer suggestions of how to best maximise your coverage for the amount of hours that fits within your budget.


Q2 | What is your style & do we have to pose alot?

Weddings are all about storytelling, lots of small moments making a collection of photographs that show how the day unfolds.  One of the most important things I have to offer you as a wedding photographer is my 'eye' and how I see and anticipate heartfelt moments through the lens.  I capture genuine emotion and authentic moments, together with crafting beautiful and creative portraits. My style is light & airy with true to life colour tones that aren’t a current trend or that will date, combined with an occasional dramatic creative silhouette or flash lit portrait.     Delivering a professional, stunning gallery of photographs so that you can remember what the day not only looked like, but what it felt like...your love story!
It is natural to be nervous about 'posing', so I use some techniques that involve giving couple's actions to do, which are fun and result in gorgeous natural expressions (think walking together through a field holding hands). I capture alot of camera unaware images...so there are only a few times in your wedding photo's where I will put you in a specific pose.  An Engagement Session is a wonderful way to get comfortable in front of the camera. 

Q3 | Do we need 2 photographers?

If you choose the one photographer option (me), you will receive well rounded coverage, capturing beautiful moments and stunning portraits. I am very comfortable and confident with the galleries I deliver as a single shooter, especially with small and medium sized weddings.
‘So why would I need a second shooter’ - having two photographers means capturing more angles, moments and perspectives. It means more comprehensive coverage for larger weddings and bigger bridal partys. It also means being able to capture both Client's ‘getting ready’.  This part of the day results in some incredibly beautiful, meaningful moments (often some of my favourite moments of the day). 
I would highly recommend two photographers for those situations above.

Q4 | How much time do we need for Bridal Portraits?

I like to have a minimum 1hr to 1hr 30mins for Bride & Groom and Bridal Party Photos. If you have a larger bridal party and more than one location then absolutely 1hr 30min would be the minimum recommended time. It is surprising how much time can be lost with travel between locations. What seems like a quick 10 or 15min drive actually loses around 30mins of photography time when you factor getting everyone in and out of the limo and walking to and from the actual spot. Another factor to consider is that if any part of the day has run behind (ceremony, family photos etc) then the bridal photos time is then cut short. My advice is to allocate the maximum amount of time possible so that this can be a relaxing, fun part of the wedding day rather than rushed. It also means more variety of photos as we get to explore the locations more. The ideal time for these ‘lightwise’ is golden hour which is the hour before sunset when the light is at it softest and prettiest.
You might be curious about how much time to allocate for other parts of the day (I can help in this area as I create a timeline for you). Times below are examples and may vary depending on circumstances -
- Bride ‘Getting Ready’ - 1hr to 1hr 30mins
- Groom ‘Getting Ready’ - 45mins to 1hr
- Ceremony - 30mins
- Congratulations - 15mins
- Family Formals - 30mins
- Bride & Groom and Bridal Party Photos - 1hr 30mins

Q5 | How many images do you deliver & what is included?

Standard coverage of 7hrs with 2 photographers generally results in approximately 600 final edited images.  Images of test exposures, blinking shots, duplicate images etc are all culled leaving you with a beautiful set of images that tell the story of your day.  An approximate guideline for delivered images is 65 per hour of coverage with 1 photographer (approx 85 with two photographers).  Delivered images have been professionally Edited/Post Processed which includes adjustments to exposure, contrast, tone curves, noise reduction, lens correction, cropping, highlight & shadow recovery and colour grading.  Additional advanced retouching is only performed on close up portraits (shoulders & above).  Your final gallery is delivered within 6-8 weeks after the wedding in a private online gallery (prints & wall art can also be ordered via the gallery).  You will also receive a USB with the final set of high resolution images (unwatermarked) together with a set of images that have been resized for social media.  You will have shared copyright and can print as you wish (however I only recommend printing through Pro-Labs).  All collections also include a bonus curated slideshow and a Mobile Device 'App' Gallery (modern day brag book).

Q6 | Do we get sneak peeks?

Absolutely....if you are happy to have your images on social media, I post sneak peeks starting within a few days of your wedding and continuing over the next couple of weeks.  Feel free to tag and share away! After the gallery has been delivered I then blog each wedding story on my website Journal. 

Q7 | Do you travel for weddings?

A big Yes! I love travelling for weddings....and have photographed a number in the South-West.  The travel cost for 2 photographers (in addition to your chosen package) for the Busselton/Dunsborough/Margaret River Region is $500 which includes overnight accommodation, travel time & fuel costs.

Q8 | Do you support Marriage Equality?

Most definitely, it saddens me that this is even a question. Love is love…joy is joy, I love capturing it all. I totally welcome all celebrations of love!


Q9 | Wonderful, how do we book?

Once we have met for a coffee/chai and a chat and you decide you would like to book, you need to reserve your date.  I will send you through a booking form to fill in which has details regarding your deposit.  A $500 non-refundable deposit/retainer is required to secure your date.  The balance is due 10 days prior to your wedding.  Contracts and timelines are then created.   If you are having an Engagement Session (these are discounted to $200 for booked in couples) we will get a date & location organized for that.